Spotlight on Dr. Sanderson

  • Dr. Sanderson working with Autistic child

For my first post, I wanted to personally introduce licensed clinical psychologist and autism expert, Dr. Sanderson. I have known Dr. Sanderson since our first semester in graduate school in 2003. Over time, I’ve developed a deep respect for her commitment to her work and on a personal level, she’s just a great person. One of the things that impresses me most is the consistent dedication she’s shown to children and families affected by autism spectrum disorders. As newbie grad students, we all held odd jobs of one type or another. I remember Dr. Sanderson working part-time with families to help care for and tutor children with autism as a part-time job 10 years ago, aside from what she was doing in school. I think it’s pretty amazing that she started off with this passion for children with ASD and remains as dedicated today.

If you have a loved one affected by ASD and you require testing, therapy, or just consultation, I encourage you to read about Dr. Sanderson and contact her by email. She’s bright, kind, and always willing to help. She is also a terrific resource for other professionals working with individuals with ASD as she has an astonishing knowledge base in this area.

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