Individual Therapy

Nicole Valdes Ph.D. & Associates’ cumulative knowledge and experience as highly-trained psychologists and psychotherapists allows them to take a holistic view of the problem areas that are bringing you into treatment. They will assess psychosocial factors such as career and support systems, unhealthy habits, your stress level, and whether or not your particular symptoms warrant a referral to a psychiatrist for medication. Many people come to treatment due to a difficult life transition such as a relationship ending or job loss. Others come because they are experiencing unbearable symptoms, such as depression or anxiety.

Nicole Valdes Ph.D. & Associates’ philosophy is that psychotherapy is most successful when a therapist helps an individual move out of an initial crisis mode by means of symptom or stress reduction, and into a stable place where they feel freer to explore underlying factors for their issues. It is in this second phase of treatment that a person truly learns about himself and achieves change. Longstanding questions are finally answered such as, why you keep choosing the same type of mate even though they’re wrong for you or, why you haven’t succeeded the way you could have.

The most important aspect of their work with you is the establishment of a trusting therapeutic relationship. Counseling is a collaborative process. Together, they will listen for, and identify obstacles that may be keeping you depressed or anxious. They will do the same if you’re having relationship problems, or other difficulties. As your symptoms fade, you will discover new energy that allows you to live a more fulfilling life.

Although the decision to begin therapy – and even choosing a therapist can be daunting – once in treatment, most people find therapy to be tremendously helpful.