A Therapist’s Perspective on Transcendental Meditation

The type of therapy I offer is in-depth and often long-term. I believe lasting gains can only come from a careful examination of one’s life and that takes time. That being said, sometimes I find that even when my patients come to the “end” of their treatment because they have worked through what brought them to me, they are better but still stressed. I’m talking about the everyday stress that we all have in some form…work, family, kids, parents, relationships. Most of us have schedules that are jam packed that leave little time to relax. This lack of rest and relaxation over time can beat us down. I have switched here from “they” to “us” because, as a human, I’m a victim of the same rat race. Last April, I took the plunge and completed a four-day training in Transcendental Meditation. The person standing next to me in this picture is certified TM teacher Kiki Ellenby.

I had no idea what TM really was. I had previously attempted to do other forms of meditation without success because I couldn’t stop my mind from wandering. TM is a very simple technique. It would be difficult for me to explain what it is in this post, but you can read about the simplicity of it and the benefits here. On the Miami TM page, they cite “Deep inner calm, Clarity of Mind, and Heart health” as three major benefits of TM. I can say without a doubt that the technique brought me more mental clarity. I noticed that I am able to focus on one thing at a time with increased ease and this makes me feel calmer and more effective. Something unexpected happened in that I am able to tap into my creativity more easily, and there is no lag between idea and follow through. By this, I mean that often I had a good idea but something got in the way of the follow through. With TM, I feel more of a “flow.” I am laughing at myself using this language because it is not really me to speak of things in these terms, but there is really no other way to describe it. In short, I recommend this technique to anyone who is feeling stressed, exhausted, or less productive. Kiki’s information is below. She is wonderful.

And now the disclaimer:
This should not be substituted for medical advice. If you are experiencing physical or psychological distress, I encourage to seek an in-person evaluation by a health care provider. I do not have any financial relationship with the TM organization or Kiki Ellenby and receive no gains from recommending this practice. I simply wanted to share something that I found helpful.

To attend a free informational session contact:
Kiki Ellenby
Phone: (305) 345-5517
Address: 7700 N Kendall Dr
Suite 612
South Miami, FL 33156

-Dr. Swaggerty-Valdes

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